Cinematic and poetic history encompasses our bar, from Jean-Luc Godard’s tragic yet ethereal character, Laszlo Kovacs in Breathless, colliding the common natures of humanity with aspirations of eternal love. Our collective visual past includes Iron Curtain dreams and fantasies shading the walls with past motifs in Eastern European film and Cinema Verite.

DJ’s, art, mix masters reside within.

Escape the daily routine, commune, thrive, and check into an eclectic vibe of distinctive vinyl, drinks, food, for the times; for your pleasure, is our pleasure.

Welcome to Laszlo

To reserve space for a private party please contact Bar Manager Nicky Beyries at: nicky@foreigncinema.com

DJ Lineup


6/1 –  Charles Wheal Band 7-9, live! Jazz tones, blues roots                   +DJ Tiger in Your Trunk (vinyl!) 9:30pm-close

6/2 – Felix the Dog 9pm-close

6/3 – •BK• spinning all vinyl, all hits!  9pm-close

6/4 – +EVERY SUNDAY 11-6pm – The Babe Cave w/DJ Don’t                 Tell Mom & CansaFis (vinyl brunch party since 2008)

6/8 – Kid Trails DJ set! 9pm-close

6/9 – DJ FOX w/his Fox Sounds (vinyl) 9pm-close

6/10 – Kool Karlo (Damn Gina! Hottub) 9pm-close

6/15 – The Good Life w/Tony, Bryan & pals (vinyl) 9pm-close

6/16 – Neal’s Deal (all vinyl hip hop) 9pm-close

6/17 – •BK• spinning all vinyl, all hits!  9pm-close

6/22 – Archiexx & friends – house vibes/good lights 9pm-close

6/23 – DJ FOX w/his Fox Sounds (vinyl) 9pm-close

6/24 – Mission Love w/DJ Saurus & Marc Stretch

6/26 – Hey Girl! Bingo One Year Anniversary! hosted by Shelix                 8:30pm-11pm Drag, Bingo, treats!

6/29 – All-female DJ crew BOOTY PATROL! 9pm-close

6/30 – Neal’s Deal (all vinyl hip hop) 9pm-close





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FRI: 3:30pm - 2am
SAT: 11am - 2am
SUN: 11am - 12pm